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The Roundtable community offers an unforgettable international living experience. Whether you still have questions or you're all ready to move in—let us help you find the perfect place!

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Roundtable Houses have been renovated to preserve unique architectural qualities. Located six to ten blocks from the heart of campus, each house is close to convenient bus lines. 


Full-year lease

  • $375/small

  • $510/large

1 or 2 semester lease

  • $420/small

  • $565/large

Plus shared expenses, estimated at $90/mo (With a range of $80-$120). There is a refundable $100 damage deposit.

Email or use our contact form to reserve your room!



Each residence features:

  • Wireless broadband internet

  • Shared kitchen with range, dishwashers, and microwave

  • Two to three refrigerators, cooking utensils and dishes

  • Laundry facilities

  • Entertainment room with wide-screen TV

All rooms are single occupancy, and include:

  • Bed with sheets and blankets

  • Dresser

  • Rug

  • Closet

  • Desk with lamp

  • Desk chair

  • Towels

• RT1 •
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Co-op living in a historic landmark

Built in 1889, Roundtable House One (RT1) was designated an Urbana Historic Landmark in 2008. The property underwent extensive renovation in 2009 and is now licensed to house twelve University of Illinois students. The residence has new plumbing with four and a half bathrooms, heating and air conditioning, and a fire sprinkler system.

This larger house has 6 small rooms and 6 small rooms. There are 4.5 bathrooms to share.


“ The rth has everything you can dream of for your exchange semester at the University of Illinois! ”

It’s not only a beautiful historic building in Historic Urbana, it is also entirely renovated with state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, wifi, printer, an enormous flat-screen in the living room and much more.

Plus you do have the nicest landlord in the whole world. Living at the RTH means that you are empowered to live as you wish.

– UIUC student from Austria –

• RT2 •
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A home of beautiful transitions

The residence at 412 West Elm was built in 1899 and has been at various times a boarding house, apartment house, and private residence.  It underwent a complete renovation in 2010-11 and opened to UIUC students in Fall ’11.  

There are 7 small rooms and 5 large rooms in RT2 with 4 bathrooms to share.


“ Living in rth was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had during my undergraduate years. ”

I was immersed with a spectacular group of international students, all who are now some of my closest friends.

This type of communal living created a strong bond between us...RTH will always hold a special place in my heart. The rent is cheap, the landlord is AWESOME, and it’s an unbelievably awesome place to live in.

– UIUC student from Mexico –

• RT3 •
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A historic legacy in downtown Urbana

Designated as an Urbana Historic Landmark in 2010, RT3 is the oldest of the Roundtable Houses. This home was built in 1875 by Eli Halberstadt, a four term Urbana mayor. The property underwent a complete renovation in 2012, opening for occupancy that autumn.

RT3 has four large rooms and 4 small basement rooms. The large room on the first floor is a premium room with an attached on-suite bathroom for an additional $25/month.


“ I would recommend staying in the rth, everyone who likes being with internationals. ”

There is always something going on in the house. I especially liked cooking with my "roomies" because you get in touch with their culture, their way to cook and how they celebrate their every-day-meal.

– UIUC student from Austria –

• RT4 •
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A prestigious link to the university 

608 West Main was the long time home to the Thaddeus Elsessor family, a noted professor in the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics department at UIUC. It was purchased in January, 2012 and after a total renovation, was opened to students for the Fall ’12 semester.

RT4 is a smaller house with 6 large rooms. There are 2 full bathrooms to share.



“ Living at rth is just like being at home away from home. ”

I have a diverse group of friends I can call my family living under one roof and also get my privacy when I need it in my room.

Maintenance issues are never a problem because Norman is very accessible and always gets things done as soon as he can. I love living in RTH which is why I haven’t moved out ever since I moved in!

– UIUC student from Singapore –

• RT5 •
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The perfect spot to curl up with a book 

RT5 (at 405 West Elm) opened for students for the Fall ’13 semester.  It was purchased from the estate of Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, and widely credited as the father of the ebook.

This house has 4 large and one small room. It also has an extra-small room at a discounted rate. There are 2.5 bathrooms in RT5.


“ I really enjoyed the life there with a house of diversified passionate students... ”

It was a great chance to observe and feel different cultures. We had parties together, ate together, did shopping together, jogged together, etc etc. It was great fun.

Oh we also had a big study lounge enough for everyone to grab a spot. Good for studying too :)

– UIUC student from China –

• RT6 •
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Double the fun on Elm street

RT6 is another large house on Elm Street. It was originally built as a duplex in 1914 and has two perfect “mirror image” homes side by side, with back to back stairs, fireplaces, and kitchens. It has been opened up to accommodate 10 students with one large kitchen

There are 6 large rooms and 4 small rooms in this house with 3 full bathrooms to share.


“ Truly the most fun and awesome house I have ever lived in during my studies... ”

One big house for you and 11 other international students. I made lots of good memories in that house and met lots of nice people. It’s a social hub making your stay at the UIUC not just an American but an international experience!

– UIUC student from Germany –

• RT7 •
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A new neighbor on High street

RT7 is the newest addition to the family of Roundtable Houses. Located 1 block south of RT6, it was fully renovated in 2015, with updated kitchen, an additional bathroom and laundry. The 3rd floor attic room is perfect for visiting couples or friends who want to share a room.

This house has 6 large rooms and a double-occupancy room in the attic. There are 2 full bathrooms to share.